Min Kim | Doctor of Chiropractic

Min is originally from South Korea and has been living in the UK since 2005. He graduated from Anglo European College of Chiropractic in Bournemouth, England. His main inspiration and motivation to become a Chiropractor came after a long term lower back pain, he experienced amazing benefits from Chiropractic care. This made a huge impression and opened his eyes to the powerful Chiropractic care and its significant impact on general health.

Min believes that Chiropractic is about maintaining an optimum health by looking after human skeletal system (structure), muscular system (muscles), and nervous system (central and peripheral nervous function) which will influence other human body systems positively.

Min continually updates his knowledge with the latest scientific research and manual therapies to satisfy his thirst for new techniques which benefit his patients. Min has pursued post-doctorate training in many different techniques and diagnostic skills; Sacro-occipital technique (S.O.T), Applied Kinesiology (A.K), Diversified Techniques, Thompson Techniques and Activator Method.
His is currently finishing Neurokinetic Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy and Gonstead techniques.

He is a father of two (to be), and enjoys spending time with his family and outdoor activities.
He loves his job, and he can’t wait help many more people and serve the communities.


Federico Cirina | Massage Therapist

Federico is originally from Sardinia, Italy and has been living in Scotland since 2016. Since the start of his university training he has been fascinated by the unity of body and mind, expressed with an early interest in mind-body therapies. After the university degree, his interest naturally shifted to hands-on treatment of the body, while maintaining an awareness about psycho-social aspects of the mind-body connection.

Federico completed the following training to build his competencies:
● NVQ Level 4 MTI Diploma in Holistic Massage;
● Advanced Myofascial Release course;
● Advanced and Deep Tissue Massage course;
● CPD Non-Pharmacological approaches to Pain Management at University of Edinburgh;
● NVQ Level 5 Remedial and Sports Massage Therapist diploma.

Continuously applying the theories, practices and techniques to clinical practice led Federico to develop an effective approach to treatment. He applies a variety of specific techniques, such as trigger point release, PNF, muscle energy techniques, myofascial unwinding and a variety of soft tissue techniques. Federico provides high-quality treatments using a blend of techniques, which he adjusts according to the specifics of each case.

Additionally, he can competently advise on mobilisations and exercises for the rehabilitation from pain and injury, suggesting specific behavioural changes if this is considered to be beneficial for improvement. In addition to pain science and education, Federico is literate in nutrition, sleep hygiene, and stress relief. He keeps up to date with the latest developments in the field through courses and continuous research.


Lyndsay McQuat | Sports Therapist

Lyndsay graduated from University in 2007 with a BSc Hons in Sports Therapy and she has worked within a variety of clinics, working with sporting and non-sporting people. She then gained a Diploma in Sports Massage and brought this into her practice and sporting events.

She has recently finished her Postgraduate Certificate in Clinical Exercise at Trinity College, Dublin.   This has given her a totally different insight into prescribing exercise to individuals with medical conditions. Recently, she completed the FIFA Diploma in Sports Medicine and is also trained in Dry Needling, Osteopathic Articulations and is an Accredited Advisor for UK Anti-Doping (UKAD).  Lyndsay also has a Diploma in Myofascial Release and a Diploma in Lymphatic Drainage Massage.

Alongside her private clinic work, She has been fortunate to have been involved with various sports teams and events such as; The Cambridge University Boat Club to prepare them for the annual boat race against Oxford, NFL, Wimbledon and the Glasgow Commonwealth Games and many others.

She enjoys treating all types of injuries, but in particular rib and back injuries and studying the biomechanics, which cause these problems. The body is fascinating, but sometimes it really is about taking things back to basics. She is a big believer in mobility and flexibility screening and then applying an exercise/rehabilitation plan to prevent further problems.

Susan Donaldson

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Chereen Bremner

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