Min Kim | Doctor of Chiropractic

Min graduated from Anglo European College of Chiropractic in Bournemouth, England. His main inspiration and motivation to become a Chiropractor came after a sustaining injury on his lower back, he experienced amazing benefits from Chiropractic care. This made a huge impression and opened his eyes to the powerful philosophy of Chiropractic and its major role on increasing performance.

Min believes that Chiropractic isĀ  about maintaining an optimal spine and nervous system function for life.

Min continually updates his knowledge with the latest scientific research and manual therapies to satisfy his thirst for new techniques which benefit his patients. Min has completed post-doctorate training in Sacro-occipital technique and Applied Kinesiology.


Fouad Mashaly | Physical Therapist

Fouad is our Physical Therapist, more information will be coming soon.